FOX 53 recap: 'The Passage' turning up the drama as debut season winds down

Jennifer Ferrin and Jamie McShane{ }in the "You Are Like The Sun" episode of "The Passage" which aired Feb. 25 on FOX 53.

PITTSBURGH -- Less "viral" vampire moments, more human elements proved to be the theme of the seventh episode of Fox's debut season of "The Passage" Wednesday night.

With just two weeks remaining - including a two-hour season finale on March 11 on FOX 53 - we're learning more and more about how each character ended up at this juncture.

Arguably the biggest reveal from Wednesday's "You Are Like The Sun" episode involved the tragic details of federal agent Brad Wolgast (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and ex-wife Dr. Lila Kyle (Emmanuelle Chriqui) losing their daughter several years prior.

Long before their unfortunate involvement in a government-funded human experiment, all was well in their life until a random convenience store hold-up led to them losing a child.

This backstory has been hinted at several times during the season but not until this week was it fully explained.

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It proves to be an important layer in the story because we also learn Wolgast eventually tracked down his daughter's killer and exacted revenge, aided by some detective sleuthing from his military buddy Clark Richards (Vincent Piazza).

Although Richards tried to steer his friend away from becoming a killer himself, he helped him cover up the crime.

When Wolgast eventually hits rock bottom, Richards suggests he join him on a new high priority mission called Project NOAH.

They had the best intentions didn't they?

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Back to present day, Richards - who just recently converted from Project NOAH enforcer to joining the force to help shutdown the dangerous experiments - ends up helping Wolgast again after he and Kyle are captured by government officials and left for dead miles away from Project NOAH headquarters.

Safe for now, Wolgast, Kyle and Richards vow to rescue Amy Bellafonte (Saniyya Sidney).

Meanwhile, Bellafonte is fighting her own battles back at the vampire ranch, with inmate turned "viral" Anthony Carter (McKinley Belcher III) warning her of what's to come and new Project NOAH leader Horace Guilder (James Le Gros) trying to use her powers for government purposes.

Another emotional moment this week involves Bellafonte mindscaping back to an earlier point in her life, visiting her mom before her eventual overdose.

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While the 10-year-old Bellafonte receives some closure from her past life she also experiences a mindscape visit from Dr. Tim Fanning (Jamie McShane), the leader of the "virals" whose mission is to collect 11 others to his side.

But before Fanning works on Bellafonte he's all-in on warping the mind of Elizabeth Lear (Jennifer Ferrin), the wife of Dr. Jonas Lear (Henry Ian Cusick), the doctor inadvertently responsible for Project NOAH.

Forced to choose between continuing her life with Fanning and becoming a "viral" vampire, or staying true to her husband but also dying from Alzheimer's disease, Elizabeth sides with good over evil while passing away in her husband's arms, one of the most emotional scenes of the series to date.

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At this point in this debut series, battle lines have been drawn. Fanning is on a mission to control the rest of the "virals" and eventually lead a path of destruction, all aided by a government operation.

While Wolgast, Kyle, Richards, Lear and a few others hope to put an end to this madness.

Bellafonte, dubbed "the most important girl in the world" but now connected to the other "virals," may find herself stuck in the middle.

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Just two weeks remain in this debut season of "The Passage," including next Monday at 9 p.m. and then the two-hour season finale on March 11.

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