FOX 53 recap: 'Viral' vampires given intriguing backstories on 'The Passage'

Henry Ian Cusick and McKinley Belcher III in the “Who's Blood Is That?” episode of "The Passage" which aired Monday, Feb. 4 on FOX 53. (Photo courtesy: © 2019 FOX Broadcasting. Cr: Erika Doss / FOX)

PITTSBURGH -- A good night's sleep is hard to come by these days, at least for the folks involved with the highly secretive and controversial "Project Noah" on Fox's new hit show "The Passage."

Following a third episode which introduced several key backstories, the fourth episode ("Whose Blood Is That?") went off Wednesday night with present and past day storylines getting more complex, including an uptick in some really unsettling nightmares for all involved.

The fourth episode zeroed in on Anthony Carter (McKinley Belcher III), one of the many death row inmates being used as a test subject for a new disease curing antidote.

The results so far are definitely inconclusive - like, definitely, inconclusive.

Carter is suffering from the same ailments plaguing the "viral" vampires in the basement of the "Project Noah" combine set in the mountains of Colorado.

Simply put, Carter is turning into a vampire, slowly but surely, just like all the rest.

However, a trend is developing as "The Passage" works through the troubled history of these inmates. It may turn out they all have sympathetic pasts which have landed them in this very peculiar and unfortunate circumstance.

It appears Carter was falsely accused of the murder of his girlfriend years earlier, but nobody believed him when they found her floating in a pool with facial bruises. It didn't take a detective Wednesday night to insinuate she was married to an abuser and had a drug problem. The problem is nobody did the detective work and now Anthony Carter is sentenced to becoming a vampire, in a very, very roundabout way.

That's a lot of deep background but necessary to understand what is happening at this little cabin in the woods - it's actually a big hospital of horrors.

Now to the scary stuff.

It's becoming apparent those working in and around "Project Noah" - and those who have been given the shot - are experiencing similar nightmares. All of these dreams have a common theme, a visit from Dr. Tim Fanning (Jamie McShane).

Fanning is becoming a major player in all of this. He was apparently the first human infected with this "viral" disease, which is why he's known as "Patient Zero."

As for why Fanning is appearing in people's dreams, nobody knows yet. He shows up at some momentous times too, like when Carter was having a flashback of the tragedy with his girlfriend.

Fanning is playing some mind games Dr. Jonas Lear (Henry Ian Cusick) can't quite figure out.

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Lear and Dr. Major Nichole Sykes (Caroline Chikezie) are the ones overseeing "Project Noah" and they are fast realizing they have a situation on their hands. Near the end of Wednesday night's episode Carter undergoes the full on "viral" experience and attacks one of their nurses.

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It may be too late now for Carter, but what about 10-year-old Amy Bellafonte (Saniyya Sidney)?

Bellafonte is the "most important little girl in the world" who was recently captured and given the shot. She's starting to experience some weird stuff too including a visit from "viral" Shauna Babcock, whose troubled history was detailed in the third episode. Babcock tries to explain the "viral" experience to her, much like Fanning did with Carter.

Bellafonte and her protector, Federal Agent Brad Wolgast (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), convince their captors that some fresh air would be beneficial. They soon discover one of the guards is going rogue after discovering what is really happening on base.

Wolgast helps "Project Noah" enforcer Clark Richards (Vincent Piazza) eliminate the threat for the safety of everyone, but in the process Richards becomes suspicious of Wolgast's grander plans, which would be to eventually get Bellafonte to safety and shine a light on the very suspect clinical trials taking place.

Meanwhile, outside the compound, the fact a reporter investigating the missing inmates mysteriously turns up dead, doesn't bode well for getting the word out to the public about the happenings within "Project Noah."

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