FOX 53 review: Third episode of 'The Passage' introduces key backstories

Brianne Howey in the “That Never Should Have Happened To You" episode of "The Passage" which aired Monday, Jan. 28 on FOX 53. (Photo courtesy: © 2019 FOX Broadcasting. Cr: Erika Doss / FOX)

PITTSBURGH -- Fox's new hit show "The Passage" is off to a breakneck - no pun, considering it involves vampires - pace and Monday night's third episode only added to the twists and turns.

"That Never Should Have Happened To You" introduced several flashbacks, notably for Shauna Babcock's (Brianne Howey) character, an inmate on death row who has been transformed into a "viral" at Project Noah.

Turns out, there's a lot more to Babcock's unfortunate personal history especially concerning bad guy Federal Agent Clark Richards (Vincent Piazza) who does an about-face near the end of the episode, sparing Babcock's vampire existence, for now. The Babcock-Richards backstory is something to follow, certainly from an arm's length given her vamp tendencies.

Elsewhere at the experimental vamp ranch in Colorado, a hospital housing the undocumented Project Noah, good guy Federal Agent Brad Wolgast (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Amy Bellafonte (Saniyya Sidney) convince the powers that be to allow them to stay together after being captured.

We learned in the second episode that Bellafonte is considered "the most important little girl in the world" - hence, her capture by Federal Agents - and because of her age may hold the key to curing the world of impending disease doom.

As illustrated, Project Noah isn't going swell for the death row inmates who have been captured and experimented on with this "viral" injection.

They're vampires now, so it's not going well.

It's been indicated by Dr. Jonas Lear (Henry Ian Cusick) and Dr. Major Nichole Sykes (Caroline Chikezie) that youth will delay the injection having unfortunate side effects. Wolgast and Bellafonte aren't content to sit around and wait for that promise, so they are for sure hoping to plan some type of escape or revolt.

It's true, Wolgast, a decorated Federal Agent, indirectly helped start this mess by initially delivering the inmates. But after a quick late-night tour of the bottom floor vampire holding den, he sees where this is headed and wants no part of this rogue operation and certainly isn't going to let Bellafonte fall victim.

As for Dr. Tim Fanning (Jamie McShane) - a renowned doctor turned "viral" known as "Patient Zero" - he continues to haunt everyone's dreams in the creepiest ways possible. I mean, just look at those eyes.

Meanwhile, out in the real world, Dr. Lila Kyle (Emmanuelle Chriqui), Wolgast's ex-wife and it's complicated, is getting a tad suspicious, prompting her to make some exploratory phone calls.

Missing death row inmates? What missing death row inmates?

"The Passage" is based on author Justin Cronin's trilogy of the same name.

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