STIRR - TV When You Want it, How You Want it!


Ready to watch what you want, when you want? This free service lets you do just that.

In a world where nearly 33 million adults are cutting cable, broadcast companies are constantly searching for ways to meet the needs of the digital age and Sinclair Broadcast Group is certainly stirring things up.

When you hear broadcast television, you might think, “Cable costs an arm and a leg”, “I’m never at home in front of the TV when big news breaks,” or “Video-on-demand makes me do all the work – I just want to veg out.”

Enter STIRR – here to smash the existing order with a new way to enjoy news and video. STIRR, our free, OTT streaming device is a new way to watch TV that brings your local content, as well as movies, TV shows, viral videos, and more to you wherever you are, whenever you want it.

Wait, what’s OTT?

OTT is “Over-The-Top” television and refers to the delivery of film and TV content streamed directly over the internet to a connected device, bypassing the need for viewers to subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite package. There’s a good chance that you, or someone in your house, use it every single day.

You can connect to OTT services through many different devices, like your smartphone, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Roku, and on the web—and all televisions manufactured today are Smart TV enabled.

How is STIRR different from other services?

First, STIRR allows you to customize your experience by selecting your STIRR City channel to tune into your favorite local station. Other brands don’t have this potent local emphasis.

In addition to catching the latest content from our station, you can tune into other live TV channels or tap into curated Video-on-demand. For instance, Stadium supplies your fix of sports programming; Comet has TV shows and films for sci-fi enthusiasts; Buzzr lets you play along with your favorite classic game shows; The Pet Collective will have you binging on viral animal videos. These are just a sampling of the 24/7 live content STIRR has to offer. And when you want to be in direct control of your viewing experience, you can even stream a variety of content on-demand.

So, no matter what you’re looking for, STIRR is anchored around your community’s experience, with a new rhythmic and fun way to watch media. A new way to stay informed. A new way to watch.

Go on, hit play—it’s time to watch this way. Discover all STIRR has to offer and catch your local broadcast live by downloading the app on your phone, tablet, Apple TV, Roku player, Fire TV, or visit to start streaming for free today.