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Free speech-focused social platform uses AI to moderate against hate speech

CloutHub CEO Jeff Brain joined The National Desk anchor Jan Jeffcoat Friday morning to discuss censorship on social media. (SBG)

WASHINGTON (SBG) - “The hardest part of having a social media platform is moderation and protecting your users,” said CloutHub CEO Jeff Brain on The National Desk Friday morning.

CloutHub is a “next-generation social network for social, civic and political networking.” The platform includes “tools like a civic hub where you can actually access government resources, whether that's at the federal, state or local level, you can interact with your legislators, you can access election information,” said Brain.

But how are they able to moderate against hate speech while priding themselves on being a place that welcomes all viewpoints?

“You can talk about any issue you want, on any side of an issue, which is a big thing, that's very important,” said Brain. “But we draw the line at violence and hate, and we do use artificial intelligence to identify certain terms that indicate potentially the context of the conversation might lead to violence.”

As social media platform Parler is under fire for allowing posts that incite violence, and their recent ban from Amazon Web Services, many are concerned about censorship from big tech companies. Even with CloutHub using an AI to prevent hateful speech from even landing on a platform in the first place, the platform has experienced censorship from their video host company, IBM.

“What we have done has been proactive. We've reached out to AWS, to Apple, to Android and others, to make sure they understand our full scope of what we're about - and what we're not,” said Brain.