Cool dad uses helicopter to pull son's loose tooth

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File Photo: Who needs a dentist when you have a helicopter? (MGN Online)

Whatever happened to tying a string around a door knob and slamming door?

Virginia man Rick Rahim, a commercial pilot by trade, may have just set the bar for creative tooth removal after using a chopper to relieve his son of a wiggling chomper.

The video, shot in Great Falls, Virginia, begins with a simple problem: a loose tooth.

The solution? A dentist? No. Tongue it? Nope. Nerf gun? Cool, yes. But still nuh uh.

The correct answer is helicopter.

Rahim writes on Facebook, "does this make me a 'helicopter parent?' Do fun, creative stuff with your kids. Make memories together." dubbed Rahim's son Carson "a rock star" for not even flinching as the helicopter begins to pull away.