Life-sized Scrabble game takes over busy street on Seattle's Capitol Hill

ftp28 scrabble kjp_frame_7058.jpg
Life-sized Scrabble game pops up on Seattle's Capitol Hill, Sept. 28, 2016. (KOMO)

SEATTLE - Talk about a triple word score. A life-sized game of Scrabble popped up at a busy intersection in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood on Wednesday.

The giant pieces were about the size of a regular Scrabble board.

The game was set up on the corner of Broadway and Denny Way by the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) Space Management Program.

16 players' names were drawn from a hat at a prior event. They were then paired into teams. Each team then played 30-minute games.

The tournament was meant to coincide with the National Association of Transportation officials Designing Cities Conference, which is in Seattle this week.

SDOT hoped the event would also educate the public on how Capitol Hill's future Festival Street will be used.