Neighbor clears snow for entire street's sidewalk

snow plow shovel wsbt 1.PNG

After Lake County, Ind. recorded four deaths in 48 hours from moving snow, it's more important than ever for people to help their elderly neighbors dig out.

Ed Pilipow of South Bend makes sure to clear his entire street's sidewalk.

He says there are a lot of older people on his street and a few minutes of his time is worth it.

"It's just something to do to be nice. I know a lot of people can't do it. If I was in that situation where I couldn't do it, I would hope that somebody who it would only take a couple minutes wouldn't mind helping me. It's kind of what we are. We're kind of a small little neighborhood. Everybody knows everybody else,” said Ed Pilipow.

No matter your age doctors say it's important to take breaks and listen to your body to avoid injuries during snow removal.

If using a shovel, doctors advise not filling it to its max.