Photographer gets stunning images of great white sharks breaching in S. Africa

Credit: Dan Callister/Cover Images

A British photographer captured these jaw-dropping images of great white sharks leaping from the water.

Dan Callister shot the fearsome predators off Seal Island in South Africa in July as they breached from the water as part of their hunt for Cape fur seals.

Dan, originally from Ruthin, Wales, now based in New York, explains: "The dense population of Cape fur seals at this time of year attracts the seal's main predator, the Great White Shark. Seal Island and the adjacent waters provide rare opportunities for those who wish to witness attacks by White Sharks on the Cape Fur Seal. The island has become famous for the way the sharks ambush their prey: a shark launching an attack will come up from underneath and will often fully breach the surface. It has been shown that if the seals enter the "Ring of Death" (where the sharks circle the island) on the surface instead of at the murky bottom, they are more likely to be picked off by the faster and more aggressive Great White. It is always amazing and never gets old to witness one of these amazing behemoths make a full breach, they truly are an apex predator."