Police and citizens help snapping turtle cross the street

A police officer in Virginia helped a turtle cross the street on Friday. (Photo, Prince William County Police)

You've heard the one about the chicken crossing the road, but what about the turtle?

That is what brought a Prince William County Police officer to Linton Hall Road on Friday where a group of people had found a large snapping turtle on the side of the road. Slow and steady may win the race but it is not a very good plan for navigating traffic while crossing a road, prompting the people and the officer to unSHELLfishly help the reptile across in a red wagon.

In the video, the officer gingerly helps the turtle towards the wagon before lifting it in. There was a bit of a scary moment when the turtle snapped at the officer while he was placing it in the wagon but the officer was not hurt.

"That's the biggest turtle I've ever seen," some one exclaimed off-camera.

A woman then took the wagon across the road while the officer stopped traffic.

"Thank you for saving him," one of the people calls out to the officer.