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Suspected DUI driver wedges wrong-way RV in Taco Bell drive thru

An RV being driven the wrong way gets stuck at a Taco Bell drive thru in Kennewick, Wash. (Photo: Kennewick Police)

KENNEWICK, Wash. (KOMO) – A hungry woman wasn't going to let a Do Not Enter sign -- or the fact she was driving a massive RV -- stand in the way of a late night run to Taco Bell.

Unfortunately for her, the engineers that designed the restaurant's drive through lane didn't account that someone might want to drive such a large RV the wrong way up the narrow path.

It was just after midnight Friday morning when Kennewick police in Washington state got a call that an RV was stuck in the drive-through lane of the Taco Bell in Plaza Way. Officers arrived to find the vehicle wedged against the corner of the building facing the wrong way.

The 56-year-old woman driving the RV was arrested for driving under the influence and was booked into the Benton County Jail, police said. It's unclear whether she got any tacos first.