This kid is going viral after imitating his daycare teachers praying

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This kid is going viral after imitating his daycare teachers praying (Photo: Twitter screenshot)

WASHINGTON (Circa) -- A young kid is going viral for imitating his teachers at daycare in the most unique way.

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Twitter user @kyliamerrell shared a video of her brother Trace laying down on a mat in a prayer stance.

"My brother has been doing this thing where he pulls a mat out of his diaper bag and lays on it like this and we couldn’t figure out what he was doing," the Twitter user says. "A few of his teachers at daycare are Muslim and we realized he’s seen them pray and now he does it too so precious."

The tweet has been retweeted over 97,000 times and favorited over 463,000 times. The top response to the tweet came from another Twitter user named @lukemonyc who said, "i love how you didn’t flip out and swear up and down that the place was “indoctrinating” your baby like a lot of parents do. shows a lot of maturity and wisdom. the muslim community praises you."

@kyliamerrell responded thanking her fellow user for the response.

"We teach love and respect to all in my home. We are so thankful that very kind wonderful people care for him while we are working, and he will be just as thankful when he grows up," she responded.

Other Twitter users responded with videos of their own young relatives attempting to pray on a mat.