WATCH: Family throws shark back into water in Garden City, S.C.

wpde_garden city shark_6.3.18.JPG
Family in Garden City catches shark and throws it back into the ocean (Photo from video recorded by Taylor Mcswain)

A former Garden City resident caught a rare moment on camera Friday evening.

Taylor Mcswain said she happened to be walking along Garden City Beach, saw some fishermen, and decided to stop to see what they were reeling in and then realized it was a shark.

McSwain said assuming the shark was a black tip shark, the family released it back into the water.

"I was only a spectator watching the whole thing, however I was very pleased to see the family throw the fish back into the water, so many people I feel have such a bad misconception when it comes to these creatures... I really don't feel that they're these man-eating creatures Hollywood makes them out to be, they live in the ocean, and we should respect that," said Mcswain.