Family mourns the loss of Florida's youngest victim of COVID-19

{ }Kimmie Lynum

Credit: Dejeon Cain

Florida’s youngest victim of COVID-19 was just nine years old. She was the 5th minor in the state to pass away.

Kimora Lynum known by loved ones as "Kimmie" passed away on July 17th. Family and friends honored her memories with a candlelight vigil yesterday evening.

She was her mother's only child and her cousin Dejeon Cain said Kimora's father was murdered last month. "This is like a double whammy, he said. It was very difficult, we just buried him and now we’re burying her. The family is troubled."

As the family grieves, Cain wants the governor to reconsider opening schools so soon. "The governor needs to be honest with people, by not being honest, it puts everyone at risk, and we can’t use our children as pawns and put them out there out to die, he said. Kimmie was a beautiful soul who couldn’t live her life and if we don’t get control of this we’ll have more of this in the state."

The Putnam County school District, Superintendent Richard Surrency, said they’ve reached out to the family, but they still plan to reopen on August 24th. "The teacher of the child and any students who may need our assistance, we have our mental health people on call," he said.

Surrency said they have hired and trained more staff to provide extra cleaning and make sure the school is safe.

Meanwhile the family is grieving and hopes no one else has to experience the same pain.

They have setup a gofundme to help pay for funeral arrangements, and would appreciate any support.