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Bakeries pay tribute to Dr. Fauci with doughnuts, cookies


Fauci-themed doughnuts are available now at Donuts Delite (WHAM photo)

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has emerged as a strong voice and a source of knowledge on the virus and how the United States should respond.

Now, a doughnut shop in upstate New York and a bakery in Wisconsin have set out to pay tasty tribute to the widely-respected doctor with pastries featuring his now-famous face.

Donuts Delite on Culver Road in Rochester, N.Y., introduced a new doughnut Monday that has a picture of Fauci’s face right in the middle of it. Owner Nick Semeraro said the location has made thousands of them.

“Right now, we’re selling over 100 an hour at least,” he told 13WHAM. “We had no idea they would blow up like that.”

“It just started as a tribute,” he added. “It started as a thank you. It’s sticking, and I think it’s great. People are stuck at home and what’s happening is, it’s starting conversations. Whether they pick it up for someone, it starts that thinking outside of the box and giving back.”

In Wisconsin, Uncle Mike's Bakery has put Fauci's face on cookies available at its three locations. The bakery said it's a way of saying thank you for keeping Americans informed during this unprecedented time.

Bakery owner Mike Vande Walle says he saw Donuts Delite having success by putting Fauci's face on doughnuts and thought it would be a huge hit in Northeast Wisconsin.

“I thought, whoa, that’s a good idea because everyone can really connect with the guy. You know, he’s honest, straightforward and so we started doing the cookies this morning and we sold several hundred already today and people are just swarming in, but I think everyone can connect with the guy is why the cookies are popular," Vande Walle said.