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Bridges & Buzz: Great Summer Getaways


Hit up any summer hot spot and you are guaranteed to see a Terrible Towel waving somewhere.

Pittsburghers, and Pennsylvanians in general, absolutely love to travel.

Exploring new sites, tasting new foods and experiencing different cultures is in our DNA.

Unfortunately, many travel plans have either changed dramatically or have been canceled completely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facing some level of travel restrictions for the foreseeable future, many folks are opting for a new experience closer to home this time around.

In fact, day trip travel has become the second most popular kind of travel in Pennsylvania.

Ever hear of the one tank trip?

Introducing, Great Summer Getaways from FOX 53 and 22 The Point!

Each Sunday night at 8 p.m. on 22 The Point, Marketplace Pittsburgh will feature a Great Summer Getaways destination.

This is going to put new ideas on the map for you and your traveling band to consider.

Through Great Summer Getaways, you’ll be introduced to some new places you’ve never considered and will get reacquainted with some old favorites you’ve maybe forgotten about.

During this new normal, travel has become limited, therefore highly localized.

Great Summer Getaways is going to highlight local tourism opportunities, offering detailed insight on great options to consider for a weekend getaway for the whole family, or for a one-day escape for you and your significant other.

All of this behind-the-scenes content will also be available through the STIRR streaming service to check out any time.

Let’s face it, the summer of 2020 is definitely going to be different, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

Stay tuned for the first Great Summer Getaways profile, coming soon from FOX 53 and 22 The Point!