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Infectious disease doctor: 'I feel confident' in COVID vaccine

Dr. Peter Salk joined The National Desk anchor Jan Jeffcoat to discuss the COVID vaccine. (SBG)

WASHINGTON (SBG) - Dr. Peter Salk was just 9 years old when his father, Dr. Jonas Salk, administered the polio vaccine he created to his own family. Now an infectious disease doctor, Dr. Peter Salk has studied COVID-19 himself.

“[The coronavirus vaccine] has been looked at really carefully so far. I was concerned in the beginning, as I’ve said, about the speed because I didn’t want to see corners cut in respect to safety, but those initial trials have been looked at carefully,” said Dr. Salk to The National Desk's Jan Jeffcoat. “I feel confident that the starting point has been well done.”

As COVID-19 vaccinations continue, Dr. Salk reflected on his father’s polio vaccinations in the ’50s.

“There was a glitch at the very beginning of the rollout of the polio vaccine One of the companies did not follow all of the instructions, did not reveal to the government that they had been making bad batches that had live viruses in them which were then thrown out,” said Dr. Salk. “What ended up happening is that the initial vaccine that went out into kids’ arms started giving kids polio within a couple of weeks of that initial rollout It was a horrible experience.”